We stock a wide range of cannabis concentrates. We have THC vape pens/cartridges, cannabis shatter, moonrocks, hash, CBD isolate, THC diamonds, and raw THC distillate. That’s quite a bit, so let’s break down how and why you may use these products.

THC Vape Pens

THC vape pens are the quickest and most discreet way to smoke marijuana, and #1 of all THC concentrates. Hold it up to your mouth and inhale 94% pure THC – no combustion, no smoke, no heat, just a vapor of pure THC. It’s one of the “cleanest” methods to ingest cannabis.

Shatter Concentrates

Cannabis shatter is also very pure, but you will need a “dab rig” or a “nectar collector” to smoke it, and some consider this product to be “more advanced” in the world of smoking cannabis. An alternate smoking method is to place a small dab of the shatter on a bowl of cannabis as the shatter will melt into your weed while making the bowl twice as potent!


Hash is made from kief, which is THC dust that falls off the cannabis plant matter. It is collected and pressed into bricks. Add hash on top of your weed in your pipe to add a burst of flavour and potency.


Moonrocks are made by taking a cannabis bud, rolling it in THC distillate to make it super sticky, and then coating the sticky bud in soft kief. Each moonrock bud is INCREDIBLY potent, so you aren’t going to need to smoke very much. The easy way to smoke a moonrock is to just break off a piece of the nug, put it in a bowl, and go for it. DO NOT put a moonrock in your grinder – you will never forget that mistake if you do.

CBD isolate

We have CBD isolate powder, and there are so many forms to ingest it. You can add it to your favourite drinks, bake it into foods and sweets, add it to vape e-juice and smoke it, added to coconut oil or MCT oil to make a CBD tincture/drops, or even mixed into a cream and then applied to the skin. CBD powder has so many uses, and you will find many ways to use it yourself.

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