At Mountain Greenery, Hamilton’s best online dispensary in Ontario, we stock a wide range of cannabis. From cheaper marijuana strains starting at $5 per gram, all the up to 33% THC buds.

Indica strains will calm you down and make you sleepy, and the easy way to remember this is “indica” will lock you “in the couch”, while sativa strains still get you high, but they will keep your energy levels up. Trying both types of strains is a good way to see how they both make you feel! Different indica strains and different sativa strains will also affect you differently, so buying small quantities of different strains can also be a great way to find new cannabis strains you feel works best.

If there is a higher potency cannabis strain that you like we always recommend buying right away and as much as you can. We find that our higher THC strains do sell out much faster as cannabis THAT good is hard to come by. When the weed is that good it’s hard for us to keep in stock sometimes!

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