Shuswap Gold Shatter


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Shuswap Extracts makes premium products with AAA Bud Rinse runs! This means instead of using shake or sugar leaf for their extracts they use premium AAA Bud with a 100 hour purge time. Shuswap shatter smokes smooth with a ton of flavor, leaving one feeling relaxed and euphoric. Our connoisseurs say its some of the best shatter they have ever smoked!

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2 Scoops-Indica, Albert Walker-Hybrid, Amber FRost – Indica, Animal Face – Sativa, Animal Mints – Hybrid, Arnold Palmer – Sativa, Black Kush – Indica, BLU OGK – HYBRID, Blueberry Cheesecake-Hybrid, Bubba Kush – Indica, Candyland – Sativa, Chocolope – Sativa, Cookies n Cream, Dago OG – Indica Dom. Hybrid, Danky Doodle – Hybrid, Dream Queen – Sativa, Fire OG – Hybrid, Four Star General – Hybrid, Fritter Mints – Indica, Frosted Cherry Cookies – Indica, God Bud – Indica, Golden Goat – Hybrid, Gosh – Hybrid, Grapefruit God Bud – Indica, Kush Cookies – Indica, LA Kush Cake – Indica, Larry OG – Hybrid, Lifesaver-Indica, Lowryder – Indica, Malawi – Sativa, Mandalorian-Indica, Mango Dream – Sativa, Master Kush – Indica, Mendo Montage – Hybrid, MK Ultra – Indica, Moby Dick – Sativa, Mojito – Sativa, Ninja Turtle – Sativa, Nuken – Indica, Peach Dream – Sativa, Peaches & Cream – Sativa, Pink Candy – Sativa, Purple Mac – Hybrid, Purple Peyote – Indica, Rockstar – Indica, Sharksbreath – Indica, Silver Haze – Sativa, Sour Kush – Indica, Starfighter – Indica, Tom Ford-Indica, Wedding Cake – Indica, Wedding Cake-Hybrid, White Runtz – Hybrid, Widow's Cheese – Sativa, Wonka Bars – Sativa


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