Cannabis edibles are the go-to for many cannabis users, and “pot brownies” has now become a joke that can be freely laughed about in any company. If someone made brownies at the office you know one co-worker is going to say “are these SPECIAL brownies?”. Brownies are still great, but many cannabis concoctions are available today, such as: THC pills, gummy candy, many baked goods, chocolate bars, and even dried fruit! Edibles have come a LONG way.

Dosing Edibles

Everybody is unique, and you never know how much to consume to get the great effects of cannabis. Even if you have smoked cannabis before you will find eating cannabis is a much different experience than smoking it. You may have a smoking tolerance, but you have never had an “edible” tolerance, so we recommend even the most seasoned smoker follow these steps.

Start with a 5mg dose. Be careful when reading the packaging, as it may just have an overall cannabis content, such as “50mg”, and you will be left to find how to divide that big brownie. If it is one big brownie, we suggest you weigh it and divide evenly. For example, that would be: 50mg brownie / 5mg dose = 10 doses. If the brownie weighs 454 grams, and you need 10 doses: 454g / 10 doses = 45.4 grams per dose, so weigh that on a scale.

On a relatively empty stomach you will feel the effects starting 30 minutes to 1 hour after you eat the edible. If you have had a meal beforehand the effects will take much longer. We suggest edibles on an empty stomach on your first try as you will know how it affects you in the best scenario.

If you have not felt the affects after 1.5 hours (on the empty stomach), eat another 5mg. Never eat more than 10mg on your first try. The next time you have edibles you can start with a 10mg dose, and go up to 15mg on that second attempt. Always go up by 5mg when you want to try a higher doe. 10mg jumps can be bigger than you think.

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