MAC Stomper


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MAC Stomper (50% Sativa/50% Indica), a perfect balanced hybrid created through an interesting cross of Miracle Alien Cookies x Grapestomper OG. The hybrid strain was cultivated carefully in order to preserve the quality and potency of the flower. The aroma that emanates from this bud is sweet and has a pronounced overtone of sour that comes from her parent, Grapestomper OG. It is accompanied by a sweet candy effect and when cracking the buds open it has a hint of earthiness.

MAC Stomper buds are tight and rounded with a lighter army green coloration due to a heavy layering of milky trichomes; all offset with bright orange pistils. This strain has the perfect bag appeal for anyone who loves caked appearances. This strain comes through with a smooth, creamy, sweet and earthy terpene profile. When you light up MAC Stomper, it delivers an earthy and sweet taste with a hint of tanginess and a floral finish. It is a perfect balance between subtle sweet grapes and an earthiness aftertaste.


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