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Elev8 is the first ever recreational use only THC distillate vape pen on the market. Some call these pens “vape pens”, or “shatter pens”. The elev8 vape pen consist of 94% THC distillate and natural flavoring; no PG, VG, PGe or artificial flavoring.

Most pens on the market are filled with a suspended crude extract like shatter (BHO) or have a watered down form of distillate that is full of fillers. The reason for this is because the majority of pens on the market were actually designed for e-juice, not concentrates, so the product has to be diluted to work properly.

The Elev8 vape pens are designed specifically for the viscosity of our THC distillate. Because the pens are designed for THC distillate they provide a richer taste and more potent effect.

Elev8 also has the largest list of flavors on the market. There are over 15 flavors ranging from Root Beer and Pina Colada to Cotton Candy and Skittles.

The Elev8 team decided early on not to have strain flavors in its cartridges because it felt it served no purpose reintroducing strain terpenes back into the distillate that was meant to isolate the THC molecule.

When you isolate THC, you remove all the characteristics that a strain has. In other words, the THC molecule is the same in bubba kush as it is in super lemon haze. It also makes no difference if the distillation process is using a Sativa, hybrid or Indica strain.

Elev8 wanted to provide consumers with the fun, recreational part of cannabis; the psychoactive part! Buy a shatter pen today!

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Banana, Bellini, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blue Raspberry, Blue Sourpuss, blueberry pie, Bubblegum, Cafe Latte, Candy Cane, Champagne, Cherry Blaster, Cinammon Roll, Coffee Crisp, Cookies N Creme, Cream Soda, CupCake, Fire Ball, French Vanilla, Froot Loops, Fruit Punch, Fuzzy Peach, Gelato, Guava, Gummy Worms, Gushers, Lemon Lime, Lemonhead, Mai Tai, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Mint, Mojito, OrangeSoda, Originals, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Red Sourpuss, Rose All Day, Skywalker OG, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Swedish Berries, Sweet Apple, Sweet Melon, tangerine, Blueberry, Cola, Cotton Candy, Ginger Ale, Grape, Mimosa, Pina Colada, Red Bull, Rootbeer, Skittles, Watermelon

12 reviews for Elev8 Pen

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Taste amazing and gets the job done. Perfect on the go pen to keep in my bag for anytime. Hope you get more flavours back in stock! I’ll basically buy them all

  2. Tracy Adams (verified owner)

    It gets the job done. Love the convenience. Many of amazing flavors . Not a fan of Sour Apple . Amazing staff as well.

  3. rog138 (verified owner)

    They are refillable like any other vape pen, get a gram of the house distillate and inject it along the sides, not in the hole in the middle to reuse it. These units seem to be free of planned obsolescence as I have had mine for over 3 months now and still works like the day I bought it. 100% recommend.

  4. Spliffy (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  5. pszwed (verified owner)

    Very good concentrate and flavours I have had about 10+ different kinds.. Easy to use and charge So happy I found a good distillate pen not shatter and harmful E-juices. Refilled one of my first ones its a bit hard to do for me but just have to inject it in stages but I was using another companies distillate syringe not the premium MG distillate.

  6. beaudoinhers (verified owner)

    Great product from Mountain Greenery! Don’t recommend you buy from other places because they others do not always work. I had to return twice. Mountain Greenery pen is still working. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. As always Mountain Greenery has best products and staff is more than there for you. Thanks Mountain Greenery. I won’t shop anywhere else ♥️

  7. Jeff Nicolle (verified owner)

    i love how i can just toss in my pocket if im in a rush out the door. I purchase the prem distilate and refill these pens with it,works great and you dont have the taste of fruit flavours and such. unscrew the one end to recharge and only the tip of other to refill. i use a street cleaner pin (old school) and slowly heat the distilate from the pin, around the sides of the see through container. I been with Moutain greenery for some time now and only go to them for all my needs.

  8. beaudoinhers (verified owner)

    Cola tastes just like a fizzy pop?

  9. thomasjamesroofing (verified owner)

    Tried a few of these pens. They’re the best out there. Pens are solid and hold a charge. Great flavors.

  10. beaudoinhers (verified owner)

    I misplaced my pen for over 6 weeks….found it upside down….not one drop leaked out and still charged!!!!! Wow!!!!!!

  11. thomasjamesroofing (verified owner)

    Love these pens from Mountain Greenery. Total quality compared to other pens out there, in build, function and flavours.

  12. amber050583 (verified owner)

    Awesome! Just tried today, love it ?

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