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DO-G is an intensely powerful strain with effects that walk the fine line between relaxing body stone and full-on blast into the stratosphere. She was created by a team of passionate breeders who used genetics from White Fire OG and a reversion of Do-Si-Dos.

This fine match produced a perfectly balanced strain that features 50% sativa  and 50% indica. It may seem to some that these effects would contrast each other too much, but you will find that this contrast is actually very complementary. The strain isn’t overly stimulating, as the indica elements help ground the cerebral effects into a soothing and potent body high. These body effects have therapeutic value and are especially useful in the evening time to induce some deep and restful sleep. Athletes and active people may also find firing up a bowl or vape full of DO-G flowers helps to calm the muscles after intense activity and long-distance runs.

Adding to this enjoyable and balanced high are aromas and tastes of earthiness and sourness, deep and rich tastes that go well with a fresh cup of coffee and savoury snacks. The terpene profile responsible for these tastes also makes DO-G extracts interesting additions to medicated meals in the form of salad dressings and pasta sauces.


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