500mg & 600mg THC Cookies


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Now introducing our new major brand cookie edibles!
There’s something for everyone!
Find your favourite flavour today!

Flavors Include:
500mg Cookies similar to Oreo (Original)
500mg Cookies similar to Peanut Butter Oreos
500mg Cookies similar to Birthday Cake Oreos
600mg Cookies similar to Chips Ahoy Original
600mg Cookies similar to Chips Ahoy Chewy
600mg Cookies similar to Chips Ahoy Candy Blast



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Ammo, Birthday Cake-500mg, Candy Blasts-600mg, Caramel Nougat Bar, Chewy-600mg, Dopehenrietta, Drolo, JaneNards Swedish Berries, original, Original-500mg, Original-600mg, Peanut Butter-500mg, Peanut/Caramel Bar, Sour Berries, Sours, Starbuds-Original, Starbuds-Sour Berries, W&W-Caramel, W&W-Fudge Brownie, W&W-Peanut, W&W-Peanut Butter


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